Often, the most difficult part of giving a presentation is choosing a topic. When deciding on a presentation topic, consider the venue for the presentation. Depending on the context, you could speak about yourself, a pressing social issue, a business issue or a case study. Whatever the circumstances, be sure to choose a topic you know something about and are passionate about. This will keep listeners interested and engaged.

Personal Topics

Sometimes people are asked to give presentations on a personal topic that is of interest to others. This could be a tale of survival, a personal success story or an insightful commentary on the challenges we all face in life. Consider speaking about an exotic location you have visited. If you have experienced adversity in your life that you were able to overcome, speak about this topic to inspire others to overcome their weaknesses and achieve their goals. If you have a strange or unconventional hobby, this is a great time to introduce it to others.

Social Issues

Presentations on pressing social issues rarely fail to draw a crowd. As there is no shortage of pressing social issues affecting today's global society, there is similarly no shortage of presentation topics in this category. Consider speaking on different strategies used to fight poverty. If you are looking for a more controversial topic, consider speaking on abortion, gay marriage or assisted suicide. Finally, consider speaking on different ways to combat crime. Effective approaches to crime reduction is a topic everyone has an opinion on but few people know a lot about.

Professional Topics

If your presentation is to take place in a business setting, consider giving a speech on an issue related to your business. You might about ways of increasing revenue, cutting costs or attracting new customers and investors. If you have a specialized role in the company, such as IT or human resources, this is a great opportunity to educate your colleagues about what you do and how it helps the company achieve its goals.


Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, you could give a presentation on how to give a great presentation. Many people do not possess good presentation skills, and as almost everyone must give a presentation at some point, people will be grateful for any tips you can give. Discuss voice techniques, visual aids, use of drama and, of course, appropriate presentation topics.

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