A term paper is a very common assignment given to students in college, often toward the middle of a term or at the end. As you progress through a particular course, a professor may assign one to determine how well you are progressing. Knowing the basics of setting up and writing your term paper can help you get a better grade. For example, certain grammatical rules apply when creating a list in a term paper.

Determine the items in your list. The kind of information you're presenting in your list will help you decide on a format.

Separate the items in your list using a comma if it's a simple list. This means that each item is a single unit, such as "English, African and Middle Eastern history."

Add semi-colons to create your list if each unit contains commas already. For example, you might be listing one item as "tough, opinionated Americans," another as "somber, dignified Europeans" and a third as "ambitious, loyal Japanese." In this case, each item in the list should be separated with a semi-colon: "tough, opinionated Americans; somber, dignified Europeans; and ambitious, loyal Japanese."

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