Continuing education units (CEUs) are taken by professionals to maintain their licenses. From massage therapists to psychologists, nurses to cosmetologists, CEUs are required on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to renew one's professional license. If you are highly knowledgeable in an area of your field, you can earn some extra money by creating a continuing education course.

Check with your state's professional board, for whichever profession you are in, to see what the requirements are for offering a continuing education course. The board may require that you have a certain amount of experience in the field before they can approve you for a class. The board can also let you know what items you need to cover in a specific class you want to offer (for example, HIV/AIDS education has strict requirements).

Write out a rough draft of the items you want to cover in your course. It's best to specialize in a particular area of your profession, like offering a pregnancy massage course to massage therapists or a course on the treatment of bipolar disorder for psychologists.

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Ask for opinions from other professionals. They can give you advice as to what might need some tweaking. Think about how you will market your course when the state board approves you to offer it.

Make a final draft of your continuing education class. The board will be interested to learn about your teaching methods, number of clock hours, number of CEUs awarded, educational content, materials utilized and any qualifications you have for teaching the course.

Apply to register your course with your state's professional licensing department. Your state may go through a third party CEU broker to do this. Submit any requested materials for consideration by the board.

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