As online distance education becomes more prominent, quality correspondence courses in fashion design are becoming more accessible. These programs can be based anywhere in the world, and they accept students from anywhere. These programs also offer a variety of course structures, from those that contain a set of prescribed courses that must be completed according to a rigid schedule, to those that you can arrange and schedule according to your own needs.

Academy of Art University

The awards of completion program in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art University is ideal for prospective and current fashion designers who want to bolster their skill sets without committing to a full degree program. This school is both nationally and regionally accredited, and the program is comprised of five individual, three-credit undergraduate courses: fashion illustration, fashion sewing techniques, knitwear design, textile design and fashion design. You can also apply the credits from these courses toward a degree at The Academy of Art University, provided you have have your portfolio approved. You will be expected to purchase your own materials and supplies for this program.

International Career Institute

The International Career Institute offers three course levels in fashion design: certificate, diploma and advanced diploma. The certificate, on average, takes 14 weeks to complete, while the diploma and advanced diploma each take 24 and 31 weeks, respectively. Each course level will teach you about the design process, design skills, career options, marketing and even how to start your own fashion business. This program supplies all study materials once you enroll, and it is accredited by The International Association of Private Career Colleges.

Stratford Career Institute

Quebec-based and privately owned Stratford Career Institute offers a diploma program in Fashion Merchandising and Design that includes five modules: From Runway to Retail Part 1; From Runway to Retail Part 2; The Clothing and Textile Industries; Types of Textile Fibers; Color, Value and Quality; and Careers in Fashion Merchandising and Design. Each module contains an average of 12 lessons. Stratford includes all study and learning materials in the tuition, and while Stratford isn't accredited, it is a member of United States Distance Learning Association and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education.

The Blackford Centre

The United Kingdom-based Blackford Centre offers a correspondence diploma course in Fashion Design that is accredited by the Northern Council for Further Education. This course is unique in that it allows you to choose your area of concentration, as well as the order in which you'd like to progress through your material. You can take as long as you need to complete the courses, and Blackford Centre will provide all the physical materials you need and will refund your full tuition should you choose to cancel the course within 60 days of enrolling.

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