The need to convert English to the Persian language, most commonly known as Farsi, is quickly rising in today's digital world. According to Farsinet, Farsi is the most widely spoken language in the regions of Afghanistan and Iran. However, there are a growing number of populations in other European, Arabic, and even American communities that speak Farsi. Like most language translations, converting English to Farsi may now be easily done online or with readily downloadable tools from the Internet. There are several online resources that you may access and utilize when converting English to Farsi.

Research Farsinet as well as other websites like Linguanaut that offer a comprehensive list of words and phrases ordinarily used in every day conversations. These are texts in English with conversions to Farsi written beside them. Knowledge of the common Persian words can likewise be helpful when you start out bulk translations. You may be able to quickly identify which words go together for a specific meaning you are aiming for.

Find the counterpart Farsi word of your English search term. You will be prompted to select a criteria: whether you are looking for an exact term, or something that begins with it, or if it is contained therein. FarsiDic is one of the leading, online dictionaries for English to Farsi conversions.

View conversions of related terms to the keyword on It offers a unique take on English to Farsi conversion. For instance, it lists conversions to Farsi of the word "convert" and its related terms "converted," "convertible," and so forth. It also gives you a means to link to the conversion by providing an HTML code for embedding. Likewise, the website features Farsi to English conversion.

Install a toolbar from Behnevis that you can add to your browser so you can translate English text to Farsi without having to go to their website. Behnevis is probably the most useful tool that you can find online, because it allows you to convert English text to Farsi online without character restrictions.

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  • Parstranslator offers a free download of a program that will enable you to convert English to Farsi even without an Internet connection. The program lets you view translations of words and even sentences with just one click.

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