If you want to become a doctor, a number of educational steps are important to follow. But before you can don a white robe and prescribe blood pressure medicine, you must complete medical school. And before you can get into a medical school program, you have to first graduate from college. Most future doctors declare a medical major at university. Several schools across Texas offer pre-med majors and medical courses.

Texas A&M University

Located in the twin cities of Bryan and College Station, Texas A&M offers students a pre-med major through their College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Biomedical science is a massive area of applied biology aimed at exploring and understanding disease and health, and it is an excellent avenue for pre-med students to take. Texas A&M also offers an innovative counseling program that mentors students through the major with an individualized approach to prepare them for admission into medical school.

Rice University

Rice University, located in Houston, offers students a pre-med major through their undergraduate program in biochemistry and cell biology. The university's website states the program prepares students for medical school through its wide range of courses that delve into areas like cancer biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, biophysics, cell biology, endocrinology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, physical chemistry, molecular biology and neurobiology. The school gives students the freedom to major and minor in a variety of these mentioned areas in their pre-med program -- an academic design that prepares students for the rigors of medical school.

Baylor University

Baylor University's pre-med major, also known as medical humanities, is a unique interdisciplinary major that combines the discipline of humanities like philosophy and literature to a medical education curriculum. Baylor's pre-med major is designed to offer an in-depth understanding of the emotional and historical side of the human condition by linking the humanities to suffering and personal relations. The university states on their website that "attention to literature and the arts helps to develop and nurture skills of observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection" and that the ability to link the two fields is "essential for humane medical care."

Pre-Med Major Alternative

If you have your heart set on attending a particular college in Texas but it doesn't offer a pre-med major, you can still attend that school and receive the education necessary to see you through to medical school. For example, at University of Texas Austin, students don't directly declare a pre-med major; after earning their bachelor's degree, they can benefit from a specialized mentoring program offered through Health Professions Advising. The university also has its own affiliated medical school called Dell Medical School, where a large number of graduates wind up studying medicine.

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