ACICS is the acronym for Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The organization was founded in 1912 for the purpose of accrediting occupational, professional and technical programs. ACICS is one of two national accreditation agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Schools and colleges who are ACICS accredited must meet and maintain the highest standards for student placement and student retention and faculty qualifications.

ACICS Accreditation

ACICS accredited schools are typically technology and vocational schools of higher education. ACICS accreditation is not on the same level as a college or university accredited by the CHEA or U.S. Department of Education. Before applying to school, it is necessary to consider the outcome of the educational process. If the goal is to attend different schools to fulfill different purposes, check carefully to be sure credits and class work is transferable from school to school. Transfer of credits is largely based on the level of accreditation of the schools. Make sure the schools of choice accept credits from ACICS schools.

Broadview University

Broadview University is an ACICS accredited school whose journey started in 1977 as Bryman School. The university is located in downtown Salt Lake City. The university has undergone various transformations which started as Bryman School, then expanded into Utah University and later re-christened as Broadview University. The institute offers various courses for its students. Some of the major departments in the university are Fine Arts, Applied Science and Business Administration. The institute offers diploma programs in massage therapy, medical coding and billing and medical assistance.

Globe University

Globe University is an ACICS accredited institute which has been in the field of education for more than 130 years. The programs offered by the institute span over various field of studies like business, health sciences, legal sciences and information technology. The university located in Plymouth, Minnesota is spread across 30,000 feet with classrooms, labs, offices, a library, a cafeteria, veterinary suite and other facilities. Globe University was founded in 1877 by Professor Alexander Archibald. The institute began its operations with a three-room building where bookkeeping, penmanship, English and shorthand were taught.

Anamarc College

Anamarc college is an ACICS accredited institute which offers diploma and degree programs in fields like medical billing and coding, nursing, phlebotomy and other related courses. The institute was started on April 3, 2000 by Ana Maria and her husband, Marc Houde. The institute has campuses in El Paso, Texas and Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The institute emphasizes basic skills training and instilling educational elements in the students to transform them into skilled professionals. The institute offers both regular and distance learning programs.

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