The questions asked in the college placement tests are to assess your academic capabilities in English structure, writing, reading and math. These tests allow the administrators to determine what level of classes you are able to take and so are administered before you get enrolled for your college classes. It is essential to prepare well for these tests and be in line with the correct level of courses you wish to pursue.

Sentence Formation Skills Test

Sentence skill testing is carried out to test your sentence skills. It measures your ability to understand the sentence structure and to put the sentences together so that they make complete sense. This section basically includes questions on English grammar. It includes the questions based on reasoning, punctuation, verb agreement, use of conjunctions and adverbial conjunctions, use of phrases and clauses and so forth. Rewriting the sentence is also a part of this test. This test contains objective-type questions.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension testing measures your skill to understand what you read. In this test you may be asked to distinguish between the secondary and main ideas, to mention the relationship between sentences, or to make inferences. You are given a particular statement or passage, a question and four answers. You have to choose the best answer to the question.


The arithmetic test determines your placement into a mathematics class. This test starts with questions of basic algebra level. The arithmetic segment of the test will assess your aptitude in working with fractions, whole numbers, decimals, word problems and percentages, which you can solve without using algebra. If you are good at arithmetic skills, you will be positioned into basic Algebra. If not, you will be branched into a basic algebra course.


Algebra is an imperative aspect of the math test and the questions basically involve questions relating to complex numbers, vectors, real numbers, functions, roots of polynomials, exponents and matrices. The college algebra placement test has 30-odd questions and the test is 75 minutes.

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