Recent graduates with a Bachelor of Science in math might not immediately think they are qualified for a job at a college or university. While they might not able to be full professors -- those positions usually require a Ph.D. -- there are plenty of other jobs within a college that perfectly suit math majors. These include positions in administration, finance and teaching.

Endowment Management

One department of a college or university where a math major would be useful is in the endowment department. Most colleges, whether public or private, manage some sort of endowment that is invested in stocks, bonds or other assets. As such, the endowment office will hire people with degrees in a quantitative field like math. According to the Mathematical Association of America, a major in math gives students the necessary knowledge to build financial models, which perfectly qualifies them for work in a college endowment as an endowment analyst.

Financial Aid Offices

Financial aid offices require math skills to analyze the flow of dollars between scholarship funds and students. In addition, people who have majored in math are useful in financial aid offices for calculating need-based aid packages based on financial qualifications. Kentucky State University's financial aid office, for example, hires financial aid specialists who have a bachelor's degree related to the duties of the position. These duties include analyzing financial data to determine student aid eligibility and compliance with federal programs.

Technology Systems Engineering

People with a B.S. in math are often uniquely qualified to work in college and university information technology departments. According to the Mathematical Association of America, math is the foundation of computer science, and so math majors are fully capable of performing jobs related to computers. This is especially true because many high-level math operations require the extensive utilization of computer software. At Columbia University, for example, a systems engineer needs a bachelor's degree in any subject that gives him or her the ability to troubleshoot computer issues.

Curriculum Specialist

Students hoping to continue working in mathematics academics can perform jobs as curriculum specialists. This work includes analyzing and formulating proper curricular procedures to best educate students in mathematics. Johns Hopkins University, for example, hires curriculum specialists in the mathematics department to create curricula for specific topics, like cryptology. For mathematics curriculum positions, holding a bachelor's in math and thus having previously completed a math curriculum, is an important qualification.

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