Paying for a college education is often tough. Financial assistance can relieve the burden for children of U.S. veterans. If one or both of your parents served in the military, you might qualify for a grant from the federal government, a state government or a non-profit organization. Each grant has its own requirements, so you must determine your eligibility before applying.

Surviving College Grant

The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (CFSRF) offers the "Surviving College" grant. Children of U.S. veterans killed, injured or severely disabled in the Afghanistan or Iraq wars are eligible. Funds are to assist with tuition, campus housing, school supplies and other costs associated with attending college. The application deadlines are April 30th for the fall semester and October 31st for the spring semester. The CFSRF is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with the U.S. government. Download and complete the application from the CFSRF website.

The 1st Marine Division Association's Scholarship Program

The 1st Marine Division Association offers grants to children of deceased or disabled veterans that served with the 1st Marine Division. The grants are for working towards a bachelor's degree. You cannot apply this award towards graduate studies, and there are no exceptions. To apply for this opportunity, you must attend school full time at an accredited university, college or trade school. You may apply for each academic year you attend school, but you cannot receive more than four years of total assistance. If you fail to complete an academic year, you must reapply for the grant. The application process involves several steps, and instructions are located at the 1st Marine Division Association's website.

General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) offers the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program. The program provides grants to children of Air Force veterans that are actively serving, deceased, in the reserve or retired. Family income and education costs are a deciding factor in who receives funds. You also must enroll as a full-time undergraduate student. The application is available online at the AFAS website.

Children of Veterans Tuition Grant

The Children of Veterans Tuition Grant provides undergraduate tuition assistance to children between the ages of 16 to 26. You must reside in Michigan for at least a year before applying, and you must attend a Michigan school. The veteran must have been a legal resident of Michigan before or after serving in the military. It's also required that the veteran be deceased, missing in action or disabled. You can apply for assistance ever year as an undergraduate student, unless it is in excess of four years. The amount you receive depends on your enrollment status. Apply for this grant at the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs website.

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