The demand for engineers has never been higher, and neither has the demand for engineering majors. Choosing to major in engineering will set you up for a career that will help humanity prepare for the future. Engineering college students study math, physics and other subjects. They can focus their studies on more specialized branches of engineering such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering and many more.

Even though careers in the engineering field can be lucrative, college is still expensive. Tuition at a four-year private institution can cost more than $40,000 a year. Lucky for future engineering college students, there are hundreds of engineering scholarships to help you fund your college education.

Why Should You Study Engineering?

If you want to help society and solve problems every day, then a job in engineering is right for you. Engineers around the world use complex thinking skills to create the technology and infrastructure that powers the world around you. They’re responsible for everything from jet engines to artificial limbs. Engineers create the things that make modern life easier. Finding engineering and STEM scholarships will put you one step closer to joining their ranks.

What Do Engineering College Students Learn?

The core classes of an engineering education depend on the university. Some schools focus on STEM-only courses. At those schools, your classes will focus heavily on science, technology, engineering and math. Other schools, especially private liberal arts schools, place a greater emphasis on creating more well-rounded students.

At these schools, even if you’re there with STEM scholarships, your education will include classes in the arts and humanities. The inclusion of these types of classes in addition to STEM classes is important because learning about the arts and humanities helps engineering students think outside the box.

Finding Engineering Scholarships

One of the best things about studying engineering in college is that there are so many engineering scholarships available to fund your education. Begin your search on your school’s financial aid page. There, you will find school-specific scholarships and grants. Ask your financial aid advisor to help you look for more financial aid that fits your course of study. This will probably include broader STEM scholarships as well.

Some scholarships are tied to competitions, like the Siemens Scholarship. Others, like the ExxonMobil/LNESC Scholarship Program, are designated to help minorities excel in the field of engineering. No matter who you are or what your background is, there is an engineering scholarship out there that is right for you.

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