If you are a high school student planning to apply for undergraduate admission to one of the University of California's campuses you must fulfill "A-G" requirements, college preparatory coursework the university deems necessary for a successful first year of studies. Requirements fall into seven broad categories lettered A through G, respectively, and must be approved classes at an accredited school. California students must earn a 3.0 grade point average in these courses, with a 3.4 required for nonresident applicants. Requirements are measured in units, the equivalent of one year of study either as a full-year class or two separate semester classes.

History and Social Science

Two units of history or social sciences taken either as full-year or semester courses comprise the A requirement, including one unit of U.S. history or government and the other of world history or cultures. Examples include U.S. history, economics, Latin American studies and European history.


You must take four units of English for the B requirement, including both literature and composition. Core grade-level English classes meet this requirement, with other examples being American literature, poetry and creative writing.


Three full-year math classes are required to fulfill the C category, with the university recommending four. One must be geometry or an integrated math course that includes significant geometry. Algebra, statistics and calculus are other examples.

Laboratory Science

You must take two one-year classes that provide foundational instruction in at least two of three science categories: chemistry, physics or biology/life sciences. The university strongly recommends three units of these D category courses. Examples include physiology, medical chemistry and engineering physics.

Language Other than English

For the E category you must complete two, one-year foreign language courses such as French, Spanish, German or Chinese. Classical languages such as Latin and Greek meet the requirement, as does American Sign Language.

Visual and Performing Arts

Dance, drama, music or visual fine arts satisfy the one-year, F category requirement. Examples include theater arts, ballet, band, vocal music, painting and sculpture.

College Prep Elective

Satisfy the one-year G requirement by taking an additional advanced class from one of the A-F categories or by taking an approved elective in a career technical education area such as computer science or business.

Additional Information

California high schools maintain lists of their classes that satisfy A-G requirements, with this information also available online at the University of California's Doorways website. Classes taken by high school students at community colleges through dual enrollment programs count towards A-G requirements.

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