Earning a versatile business degree can lead to many awesome jobs in posh settings. You could be a Wall Street trader, venture capitalist, social media manager, marketing executive or just about anything in the world of small or big business. Core courses for business majors generally include financial accounting, marketing, business communication, leadership, strategic operations, law and ethics.


Before taking upper-level business major classes like financial accounting, marketing, business communication, leadership, strategic operations, law and ethics, you must complete general education classes and prerequisites in areas such as math, English, economics and computer applications.

Get a Jump Start in High School

Many students decide on a business major after having a great experience working part time in an office or family business. Knowing your dream job at a young age can help you select the right high school classes to further your ambitions. English, business and statistics classes are excellent options.

Participate in extracurricular activities like marketing club and debate team. Visit your school counselor to learn what high school classes are required to get into college.

Ace Your Prerequisite College Classes

Before you can officially call yourself a business major, you must pass prerequisite classes and be admitted into the major. For example, business pre-majors at the University of Arizona take foundation courses like accounting, business math, economics and business communication.

After passing those classes, pre-majors take a skills assessment exam. Work closely with an adviser to develop a plan of study that will help you stay on course to graduate.

Choose Relevant General Education Classes

You will be required to take general education classes is a variety of subjects to become a cultured, well-rounded professional. Myriad liberal arts electives are available. Good electives for business majors are classes that complement without duplicating subjects already taken.

Among the best classes to take for a business major are English, psychology and public speaking to help you understand and communicate with others. Global business majors can benefit from taking language and multicultural classes.

Study Required Business Major Classes

The best business courses to take in college include accounting, statistics, marketing, ethics, law, management, microeconomics, macroeconomics and business communication. Your assigned academic adviser will explain the required business major classes at your school.

In addition, many students choose a specialization within the vast field of business like real estate, finance, product development or logistics. Business majors are encouraged to select a concentration early in their college studies that fits their personality, natural talents and career interests.

Consider Types of Business Majors

Many community colleges offer an associate degree in business management or administration. Students study general business, economics, accounting and computer applications. Associate degrees in business tend to align with regional workplace needs for entry-level jobs in retail, insurance or banking.

With a generalist major in business, you will acquire skills transferrable to many types of industries, or you can pursue a specialized type of business degree like a Bachelor of Science in marketing. Examples of other types of business degrees include agribusiness, environmental management, human resources, organizational communication and business education.

Master's Degrees and Doctorates

If you hope to rise quickly into a top executive position, earning a Master's of Business Administration can help you get there. Many schools offer online and classroom instruction for working adults. Full-time students can earn an MBA in one to two years. Common core classes include advanced studies in financial accounting, leadership development, economics, data analytics and marketing.

Also offered is a Doctor of Business Administration for high-level executives and a Ph.D. for those with college teaching and research interests. Doctoral students take business classes with an emphasis on writing and data analysis. With hard work, you might one day receive an honorary doctorate in business without having to take graduate classes or write a dissertation, but that is rare.

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