A degree in business can allow an individual to work in any field. In college, business majors are usually directed to take courses in marketing, finance, consulting and communication, as well as other business courses. However, the skills that are needed to master those business courses are attained in prior courses. These include introductory courses in English, math, economics and also business.


The introductory college English courses are critical to learning solid business writing skills. In these courses, you will learn a variety of different writing styles, which will increase your versatility in the business world. For example, you could be given a research assignment in your business management course that requires you to judge whether it is economically efficient to require psychological testing prior to hiring an applicant. You will need to be able to convey the writing in business style, but you will also need to know how to phrase social scientific terms according to that writing style.


Basic math skills are critical to working with financial statements, which will be a part of the accounting and finance courses required for the completion of the business major. Business comprises quantitative and qualitative courses. For every quantitative course you take, you will need experience in basic mathematical formulas, statistics and some calculus. Introductory courses in calculus and statistics, as well as a course in college algebra, are important to take prior to beginning a business major.

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Economics courses help business majors develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are needed in consulting courses in the business major. Economics courses challenge students to use mathematical formulas to think through real-world problems. An introductory survey course in economics and courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics will help potential business majors develop those necessary skills.


Once business courses begin, business students should focus on honing their skills in interpersonal communication, problem solving, marketing, financial analysis and organizational behavior. These skills will be enhanced when you take courses such as Management and Corporate Communication, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Financial Statement Analysis and Organizational Behavior. Advanced courses on these tracks will also help you build a portfolio and resume of enhanced skills. Some colleges also provide introductory courses in aspects of business, such as Accounting. These introductory courses are meant to help you determine whether business is the right major for you.

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