China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and houses one sixth of the world's population. China also has some of the oldest and most advanced dental schools in the world with many courses offered in English. The best of China's dental schools utilize multimedia technology, digital simulations and even holistic philosophy to offer students a seven-year dental degree.

Peking University: School of Stomatology

Peking University is located in Beijing, the capital of China, and is perhaps the best equipped dental school in the country. The School of Stomatology (dental studies) is set up with four basic course branches: medical treatment, teaching, research and prevention. With a faculty of 139 professors, 120 lecturers and 60 practicing tutors, Peking University offers a cutting edge program.

Peking University Shaoyuan Building 3, Room 117 Beijing, 100871 People's Republic of China +0086-10-62757362

Sichuan University West China School of Stomatology

The West China School of Stomatology is located in the Sichuan Province in West China and is an extension of the oldest dental clinic in China. Offering much more on-the-job training and learning by example, West China School has gained a reputation as the top oral surgery school in China. Along with an impressive number of patient beds, the college has all the newest equipment and a large educational and practicing staff.

Sichuan University Stomatology Building, Chengdu Sichuan, PR China, 610065 +0086-28-85405305

Shanghai Second Medical University School of Stomatology

Shanghai Second Medical University has a staff of over 1,200 professionals, most still working in the dental clinic and ready to give students the benefit of their experience. Offering accelerated five-year courses in clinical orthodontics and specialized stomatology, the university also offers master's courses in Oral Clinical Medicine and Oral Surgery.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 1954 Hua Shan Rd. Shanghai, P.R.China 200030 +0086-21-62812277

Fourth Military Medical University School of Stomatology

The Fourth Military Medical University is a government-run institution which offers an array of dental degrees, from bachelor to doctoral, and a post-doctoral training center. While technically a branch of the Chinese military, this stomatological school has won more awards than any other in China and has published 1,178 papers on practical stomatology. Despite the name, there is no need to be in the military to apply to the School of Stomatology; in fact, there are several excellent course options for English-speaking international applicants.

4th Military Medical University 17 Changlexi St. Xi'an, Shaanxi China 710032 +0086-29-83374114

Wuhan University School of Stomatology

Founded in 1960, Wuhan University's School of Stomatology is the second oldest dental college in China and still houses one of the largest oral health care centers in the country. With 200 students enrolling every year, this dental school offers an array of dental practice degrees, from bachelor's to PhD. Wuhan University also emphasizes cross-cultural studies and accepts more exchange students into their stomatological school than most others in China.

Wuhan University 129 Luo Yu Rd. Wuhan, China, 430079 +0086-27-8764-3969

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