The weather outside is frightful, but you have no idea if school has been closed or not. Should you send your child to wait for the bus or send them back to bed? Instead of worrying, why not check for school closings? Believe it or not, there are several ways to find out if your child’s school has been closed for bad weather. Read on to learn how to check for school closings.

Call the school. Many schools set their answering machine to play a message that says the school has been closed. This is one of the easiest ways to check and make sure it’s officially a bad weather day. Unfortunately, if the weather is really bad, no one will have a way to get to the building and turn on the machine. Thankfully, there are other options.

Go online. Another way schools let parents know of closing is to post it on their website. This can be done from anywhere. Other websites that post school closing include news and radio stations. Check as many websites as you can think of. Some websites will be quicker to list the information than others.

Watch the news. If you’re not someone that watches the morning news, you should at least check the news during bad weather. Not only will you get a full report on what the day will bring, but many stations also scroll school closing across the bottom of the screen. As more and more systems call in, there will be periodic statements made by the newscasters letting you know of the new closings.

Listen to the radio. Should you be on your way to work, or to drop your children off at school, you can always check the radio for closings. Many radio stations tell the morning news every 15 minutes. This includes any closings.

Ask other parents. If all else fails, check with other parents. Other parents may have access to information that you don’t. For example, some parents may know the superintendent personally. You may even know some parents that work in the system.

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