Studying for the MCAT takes months. Taking the MCAT takes hours. Finding out what you scored on the MCAT takes little more than a few seconds -- after you wait for over four weeks for your score to be released after taking the exam itself. The Association of American Medical Colleges has made the process completely electronic

Go to the MCAT Testing History (THx) System website located at to access your scores.

Type your user name and password and press "Login". This is the same user name and password that you used to register for the MCAT. If you have forgotten either, click on the appropriate buttons, and the AAMC will send instructions to your email inbox on how to proceed.

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View you scores, which will be displayed prominently in the center of the page. You will see a breakdown by test date of your Verbal Reasoning (VR), Physical Sciences (PS), Writing Sample (WS), Biological Sciences (BS), and Total scores. You scaled scores are displayed.

Click the "Show Percentiles" hyperlink located directly above the MCAT score breakdown table to see a breakdown by test date of your VR, PS, WS, BS, and Total percentiles. Notice that percentiles are given in ranges. Also notice that a scaled score of 10 on one section does not necessarily have the same percentile ranges as a scaled score of 10 on another section.

Verify that the "AMCAS Release" value is "Y," meaning that your MCAT scores have been released to your AMCAS primary application. If they are supposed to be released and are not, contact the AAMC.

Use the hyperlinks below the MCAT Score table to send scores, print a score report, contact the AAMC with questions, and review the status of your requests.

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