In the United States and Canada, the computer-based test taken by prospective applicants to medical programs is the Medical College Admissions Test. The test is also known as the MCAT. The MCAT combines competency measurement of writing, problem solving, critical thinking and scientific concepts. Students may register to sit for the examination via the AAMC website. Seat reservations may be edited or canceled up to two weeks prior to the scheduled examination via the website. The fee to change the MCAT test date is $50.

Open a web browser and navigate to the AAMC MCAT website login page.

Log in to the MCAT site with the user name and password provided when the account was initially created. Testing information is saved in the profile for the account

Click the "Date/Test Site Availability" tab and select a new date, time and/or test center.

Click the "Registration" tab and select "Change Date/Test Center" option.

Select the new date and/or test center. The billing information page will appear.

Enter the billing information for the $50 change fee, and finish the checkout process. The confirmation page and email will note the new test date, time and location.

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