Biology is a field of study that allows the graduate to enter into a wide variety of work fields. Broad introductory concepts of zoology, botany, environmental science, oceanography and many other specialties are studied during the undergraduate phase of biology studies. After graduation, the concepts within the disciplines can be focused to bring specific skills into the work market and to help the graduate in his professional career.


Undergraduate degree holders in biology frequently teach life sciences to the high school and middle school children in various communities. Biology is one of the areas of concentration recognized by many state departments of education. In many cases, to enter the teaching field additional classwork in education must be completed.

Government Work

Biology undergraduate degrees provide entry into numerous opportunities through the state and national governments. Jobs can be found as park rangers, environmentalists and ecologists, zoo biologists, aquarium workers, sanitarians and many other positions. Entry level positions in many of the fields are plentiful. Biology graduates are usually trained to work effectively in the field or in the lab.

Business and Industry

Business and industry offers the widest variety of opportunities to the undergraduate biology alumni. Jobs are offered in pharmaceutical sales, as laboratory technicians, research assistants and biomedical writers. New career fields are rapidly opening that expand opportunities. Businesses need competent people who can use drawing and art skills to present biologic information in periodicals and texts.

Further Educational Studies

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in biology can apply to graduate schools for more narrowly focused studies in the medical fields, dentistry, physical therapy and other subjects that are studied in the undergraduate term. Graduate studies can be focused on other areas for the student wishing to be an expert in an individual field such as ecology, zoology or entomology. The broad studies of the undergraduate degree program serve as a base of knowledge to assist the graduate student in his studies.

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