How many times do you hit snooze on your alarm in the morning? If you wake-up most days of the week now wanting to go to school, you might be dealing with some major motivational issues. Attending school can feel like a chore, even though it's a great place to spend time with friends, learn new and exciting things or get involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, art or drama. Consider trying multiple motivational tactics to get yourself properly motivated and inspired to go to school.

Find the Reason

Discover the exact reasons why you’re not motivated to go to school. Are you depressed, being bullied at school or simply not feeling challenged enough by your courses? By determining what’s dampening your motivation to attend school, you'll be able to successfully regain your motivation to learn. Talk with a trusted friend, family member or school counselor to gain insight into your lack of motivation.

Have the Right Attitude

Change the negative mind-set you have about school. Write out on a piece of notebook paper a complete list of the advantages or benefits of going to school. To get the list started, think about the things you hope to achieve by going to school or the special things you like about attending school. Make multiple copies of the finished list and place them in diverse places around your home to help motivate you to get ready for school.

Set Realistic Goals

Set daily or weekly goals to attend school, and reward yourself with a fun activity once you've met your goals. Goals are considered statements of purpose and are very important when you're looking to gain self-motivation. Write down your daily or weekly goals and the rewards you’ll grant yourself upon reaching them on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Find a staff member to share your goals with and set up a weekly meeting to discuss your progress or any problems you may be having. Keep your goals in a place where you can review them each morning before you go to school and right before you go to bed. This keeps the goals fresh in your mind and helps you remember them at a later date.

Find Your Support

Surround yourself with people or friends who support your academic pursuits and are motivated themselves to attend school. If you're having a difficult time getting to school, it might be a good idea to drop any negative, self-centered friends you might have because they’ll only hinder or deplete your motivation to go to school. Make a point to connect with your school counselor or other trusted adult in the building. Sometimes having an adult at school who believes in you, can help motivate you when you're lacking the discipline and drive to get to class.


If you’re depressed about school, consult with a doctor; depression is a serious medical condition and should be treated promptly.

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