Majoring in math and finance provides a wealth of opportunities in the job market. Since most undergraduates stick strictly to finance or math, you might find advantage in a double major that pursues both. Most math programs are rigorous, so expect to be challenged. Career options for people majoring in math and finance include teaching, computer science, cryptology, and statistics.


Math teachers are consistently in demand.

Becoming a math teacher is a popular option for math and finance majors. Math teachers are in demand and generally work in middle schools and high schools teaching specialties such as algebra, geometry and probability. Between 2008 and 2018, employment in the schoolteacher profession in general was set to increase on average by 13 percent, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates cited on the online educational resource DegreeDirectory. The demand for math teachers in particular is so high that some states are taking extra measures to fill the need. For example, New Jersey recently passed a law that addresses the shortage of math teachers. Math and finance majors seeking greater challenges could pursue graduate degrees, which would qualify them to teach college level mathematics. In addition to teaching, university math professors have opportunities to conduct research and travel to conferences.

Computer Science

The job market is booming for computer scientists.

The demand for computer science workers is steadily increasing, and businesses and government agencies will continue to need experts to work with advancing technology. In fact, job growth in this field is expected by 19 percent through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer scientists can expect to spend their days using computers to solve problems, improving existing computer programs and designing new software. Logical thinking, creativity, and a knack for solving puzzles are valuable skills for this occupation.


Cryptologic linguists play crucial roles in the military.

Cryptology is described as the process of creating and breaking codes designed to protect information. Cryptology is useful in banking and security to keep information confidential. It is also valuable in linguistics, where it is needed to help crack codes and identify foreign communications. Cryptologists need advanced math skills in order to encrypt necessary databases. They play a major role in the world of business, the military system and agencies such as the CIA.


Majoring in math and finance is the foundation for a successful career as a statistician. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the government employs nearly one-third of all statisticians. Although job prospects are greatest for people who have a master's degree, there are opportunities for those with bachelor's degrees. Statisticians can expect to spend their days conducting data analysis and interpretation, which require the use of higher-level math skills, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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