Graduation can be exciting to think about when you are in grade school. Calculating exactly when you will graduate can allow you to get ready for graduation plans. A student's class year is determined by the year she will graduate from an educational institution. You can calculate your class year by determining when you will graduate from an educational institution.

Step 1

Look at your latest school ID. Identify the grade you are in by looking at the school ID or asking a teacher or friends.

Step 2

Subtract the number 12 from the grade you are in. Graduation usually occurs after completing the twelfth grade. The number you will arrive at will be the number of grades you will need to complete in order to graduate.

Step 3

Determine the exact school class year by adding the number you found in step 2 to the last year in your current school year. School years normally bisect two calendar years. An example would be the school year of 2011-2012. The school year starts in 2011 but ends in 2012. If you were calculating your exact school class year in the 2011-2012 class year, you would add the number you found in step 2 to 2012. If you are in second grade you would subtract 2 from 12 and find the number 10. Add the 10 to 2012 to get 2022. Your class year would be 2022.

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