Wnen attempting to do business in Germany it is essential to understand and respect German customs, culture and beliefs. Learning the expectations for proper business etiquette in Germany and being familiar with the language will increase your chances for successful business dealings and interactions with German business associates and companies.

Dress Appropriately

Germans pride themselves on dressing properly for business occasions. When you attend a business meeting in Germany make sure you are well-groomed and dressed in appropriate business attire. In Germany business is business so leave personal matters, small talk and humor at home and focus on the business at hand.

Arrive on Time

Being late to a business meeting could just ruin the deal. In Germany, business people are well organized and stick to agreed upon schedules. Don't put yourself in a position where you'll need to make excuses for arriving late. You should always be on time. Being on time is a sign of respect and one of the best ways to be taken seriously in German business circles.

Follow the Agenda

Germans are very formal in the manner in which they conduct business. When you arrive at the meeting remember to greet the women first and to use professional titles when addressing others. If you speak German you may wish to use it, but meetings are sometimes conducted in English. Many Germans do not like surprises so adhere to the planned meeting agenda. Last minute changes and unexpected business transations or requests are frowned upon.

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