Between tuition rates and room and board expenses, colleges and universities around the country are becoming more and more difficult to afford. When deciding which degree you’d like to earn, it matters how much you’ll potentially make once you graduate and secure a job. By examining several business degrees that lead to substantial earnings, you can decide which business degree is the best investment.


According to, there is the potential for a finance major to enter the workplace and earn $75,504 as a starting salary in 2013, and to look forward to a salary of $185,647 ten years later. At Bentley University, a strong finance degree is offered with the option of choosing a concentration in corporate finance, financial institutions and markets, and personal finance planning. Total resident student costs for Bentley University are currently $56,930 a year, but when you consider how lucrative a finance degree can be, it puts such a cost in better perspective.

Marketing Management

Marketing management degrees are offered by many colleges and universities around the country, and the major focuses on helping students learn to design, implement and execute marketing policies and programs for particular firms. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a marketing manager in 2013 is $119,480. In addition, the top 90 percent of marketing managers in the U.S. make $187,199 per year.

International Business

When you refer to the list of majors and their corresponding salaries on degree directory, it informs you that international business majors potentially begin with a current salary of $41,900 and expect to make $77,800 after 15 years. A successful international business person knows how to examine and analyze different cultures, and it is this ability to think globally that both attracts students to the international business major, and allows for those involved in international business to travel around the world. Even though your entry level job as an international business major most likely won’t be in another country, international employment does come with experience.


Accounting degrees are offered by a great number of colleges and universities, and if you find yourself enrolled in the accounting program at Bentley University, you can pay tuition knowing that Bentley has a respected and developed relationship with the Big Four CPA firms. In addition, according to, a recent college graduate with an accounting degree can expect to make between $50,000 and $60,000 a year working in public accounting as of 2013.

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