Before you sit down to take the AP U.S. History test, the amount of time that you put into studying the format and content of the test can make a significant difference in your final overall AP Exam score.

What’s the hardest AP class? That depends on your interests and academic goals. For those who find history enthralling, the AP history class can be a breeze. However, the tests may require some math to understand and interpret charts and timelines.

The more effort you put into practicing for the test before taking the official practice test for the AP U.S. History exam, the more accurate your final practice score will be.

AP U.S. History Test Details

This exam takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete. It includes a 95-minute multiple choice and short answer section, which is referred to as Section 1.

Section 1 of the AP U.S. History exam is followed by a 100-minute free response section, or Section 2.

Both sections are divided into two parts for a total of four parts that the students will be scored on to determine their final AP Exam score.

AP U.S. History Section 1 Breakdown

Part A of the exam is comprised of 55 questions. The student is given 55 minutes to complete. A good tip is to quickly answer those questions that you are sure of, so you can spend the most amount of your time on questions you may not be confident in answering. This part of the test is the most weighted at 40 percent of your overall score.

Part B of Section 1 of the APUSH test takes 40 minutes and consists of three questions. This is 20 percent of your overall AP Exam score

Section 2 of the AP U.S. History Test

Students are allotted one hour for Part A of Section 2 of this exam to complete the document-based question. This includes a 15-minute reading period to answer one question. This part of Section 2 is 25 percent of your score.

Part B of Section 2 allows the student 40 minutes to complete the long essay question. It accounts for 15 percent of your total AP Exam score.

APUSH Practice Test

The College Board’s AP practice test is well organized and a good example of the types of questions you will be faced with during the actual AP Exam.

Once you have completed the AP practice test, you will be given a table that highlights key concepts, learning objectives and primary practice or skills that are assessed in each question along with the correct answers to the multiple choice questions.

Types of AP U.S. Practice Tests

The following official AP U.S. History practice tests come directly from the College Board. Each has free-response questions, so you can practice writing essays well before you have to take the actual exam.

  • AP U.S. History Free Response Questions 2015-2017 – The three AP history exams’ free-response questions have had some minor tweaks but sample questions from the APUSH multiple choice questions and answers in 2016 or 2017 closely resemble the format of the test.
  • Full-Length AP U.S. History Practice Exam – This test aligns with the format and content of the latest version of the test and is often taken as the last practice exam before a student is planning to take the AP U.S. History test. To ensure you get an accurate estimate of your score level, take this test after you have taken other practice tests. There is no answer key for the free response questions with this practice test, so refer to the College Board’s general scoring guidelines to get a relatively fair approximation of how well you did.

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