If you want to advance in an Air Force career, you will likely want to become an officer. Officers are leaders and hold the most important and coveted spots in the air force. In order to become an officer, recruits need to attend Officer Training School. One of the steps to apply for this program is to take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, or AFOQT.

The AFOQT is a standardized test meant to show that recruits have the minimum capabilities needed to succeed in Officer Training School and ultimately as an officer. The test is comprised of 12 sections and takes five hours to administer.

For such a big and important test, studying and preparation is key to success. Taking an AFOQT practice test and using the best AFOQT study guide available will help you score well on the test and realize your dream of becoming an Air Force Officer.

Taking a AFOQT Practice Test

The AFOQT covers a wide range of material, from verbal and mathematical reasoning to world knowledge and aviation. In addition to covering an immense amount of information, the test is also long. Because of that, one of the most critical ways to study is to take an AFOQT practice test.

Taking a AFOQT test will allow you not only to see what types of questions are problematic for you but also to see how time management will factor into your success on the test.

Studying for the AFOQT

Before you start studying for the AFOQT, take a practice test to assess where you are. Then, focus on studying. The best AFOQT study guide is the one provided by the Air Force. The organization provides prep materials online to help recruits study for the test.

Looking at practice questions will help you understand what to expect when it comes time to take the AFOQT. The type of questions on the AFOQT are similar to those on the SAT, ACT and other standardized tests, including analogies, mathematical problems and reasoning.

Understanding Your AFOQT Score

After you take the AFOQT you can obtain your score eight to10 days later. The test is scored in five areas: pilot, navigator-technical, academic aptitude, verbal and quantitative. Scores are delivered as a percentile, from 1-99. A score of 52, for example, means that you scored better than 52 percent of people taking the test.

The score you need will dictate what jobs are available for you to apply for. For example, to become a pilot you must have a minimum score of at least 25 in pilot, 10 in navigator-technical and a combined score of 50 in those two areas.

If You Fail the AFOQT

Anyone taking the AFOQT needs to score 15 in verbal and 10 in qualitative. If you fail to do this, you can retake the test a second time 150 days after your first test experience However, if you fail again you will need a special waiver in order to take the test a third time.

Because you have limited chances, it is important to score well the first time on the AFOQT. In order to do, this spend plenty of time studying, and use the best AFOQT study guide available, that provided by the Air Force. Remember to focus not just on your knowledge base but also on your use of time. Using AFOQT practice tests can help you perfect this part of the studying process.

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