The ongoing debate about the current private health care system in America has led many to look for alternatives. Universal health care is a system that has found success in Canada and several other countries. There are definite benefits to adopting universal health care in America. These should be weighed with the disadvantages before it is put into place.

Health Care for All Americans

Millions of Americans are uninsured or under insured due to a poor economy, loss of jobs or other reasons beyond their control. With a free health care system, you would not be turned away because you could not pay. Health care would be free for everyone. No American would "fall through the cracks." You would be guaranteed essential services including diagnostic tools, medications and curative procedures.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Under one administration, there would be no more competition, and the costs for medical care would go down. Currently there are duplications in claims and procedures due to the many different health plans. It would also save time for claims to be processed, and it could be administered in a smoother and more cost-effective way. Also, employers would not need to go to great expense to offer insurance to their employees. There would be no need for contract negotiations if health care were all under one administration.

American Medical Statistics Would Improve

Compared to several other countries, the United States has a high infant mortality rate and a shorter life span. Many Americans do not practice preventive medicine by getting regular checkups because of the high cost. When they become sick, they struggle to pay for the expensive hospital stays, the doctor bills and the drugs that they require. With a free health care system, medicine could be purchased in bulk, which would allow the cost to go down. There would be equal medical care opportunities for all Americans.

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