If you are interested in becoming a teacher in Canada, know that its government requires all teachers to be certified. To qualify for certification, you must earn your bachelors degree and secure 1 year of teacher training. After you meet these minimum qualifications, you can apply to be licensed teacher in Canada.

Get your undergraduate degree from am accredited Canadian educational institution. Capilano College and thje College of New Caledonia are known for having good programs.

Seek 1 year of teacher training. After you complete your undergraduate degree, you can apply to a teaching program. The college from which you graduated should offer a program. The training lasts 1 year and gives you hands-on teaching experience. It also provides an opportunity for you to network with school districts.

Once you complete the requirements, apply for your teaching certificate with the Government of Canada. You can download the forms online, or you can request that they be mailed to you by calling (800) 755-7047.

If you are licensed in another country, know that you may be able to apply for certification without going through training in Canada. Contact the Canadian government to apply for an international certification.

Apply for teaching positions. Companies like Education Canada provide listings that are updated daily on their website. Also request informational meetings at the schools where you're interested in teaching. This will allow you to network, and may help you secure a future position.

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