Upon entrance into college you are required to take basic college courses, also known as core classes. Such courses are designed to prepare students for the more advanced levels of classwork that lie ahead in their academic career. They also serve to ensure that students have an appropriate foundation of information in general areas so that they may succeed in higher course levels.


Many colleges and universities want to ensure that students understand the fundamentals of writing, which is a skill that is essential to their academic success in all fields. Essays, research papers and other types of written assignments are demanded of college students, which is why writing is a mandatory basic course. In introductory writing courses students learn about how to properly structure a paper, how to cite references, how to perform research and how to express opinions and arguments through written communication.

Natural Science

Natural science classes are among the basic college courses in most universities. Students have the option to choose which natural science class they wish to take out of a preselected list of courses that qualify at core classes. Natural science is an identified basic college course because it gives students a basic understanding of science to complete a well-rounded general education. For many students who choose art majors or English studies, these basic natural sciences courses are most likely the only science class they will be required to take throughout their academic career. From chemistry to biology to geology, students choose their most preferred natural science course based on interest, as well as which class fits into their daily schedule or fits best with their eventual major.


Math classes are a basic college course staple. When students gain entry into a university they take a math placement exam. At that time, students who demonstrate excellence in math may test out of the basic math course requirements. A high enough score on the entrance placement exams lets them skip the math classes altogether, or go directly into higher levels of math. For students who must take the basic math classes, many schools offer options for taking algebra or logic.


Humanities classes provide students with lessons in literature, art, philosophy and cultural studies. Students entering college have the option of taking a humanities class of their choice to fulfill the humanities core requirement. Such courses are offered through the liberal arts departments of colleges and universities. Many educators believe that humanities classes are beneficial to students as they require students to evaluate and assess information and think creatively, which is different from a learning experience provided through math and science courses.

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