Most students earn their Bachelor's degrees before attending graduate school to get their Master's degrees. Some graduate programs require completion of a Bachelor's degree as a criterion for admission to their institutions. This requirement can be problematic for students who want to earn their degrees quickly. Fortunately, it is possible to get a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree at the same time at selected institutions.

Take graduate classes and enroll in courses that are numbered 500 or above as a graduate student, rather than as an undergraduate student. This is possible even if you are still working toward your Bachelor's degree. Complete the courses and receive graduate credit that can count toward your undergraduate degree.

Find a combined program. Seek a college or university in your field that offers a combined program that allows you to accomplish both degrees at the same time. Social work is a common field where this occurs, because social workers cannot do much with only a Bachelor's degree and they must have a Master's degree to be licensed.

Complete independent study. Speak with your adviser about your interest in obtaining both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the same time. Work with your adviser to develop an academic plan specifically tailored to your needs. Utilize independent study courses that allow you and your adviser to determine the content of the courses. This plan allows you to achieve your degrees simultaneously, as it is customized to fit the classes you need to complete both degrees at the same time.

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