Texas Christian University (TCU) is a large, private higher education institution located in Fort Worth Texas. Undergraduate TCU students can work toward a number of different bachelor’s degrees, such as the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the particularly prevalent Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Before they graduate, students must meet core undergraduate requirements that include taking a minimum number of semester hours and maintaining an acceptable GPA. Additionally, they have to meet requirements set by their individual school and major department.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Students at Texas Christian University must complete at least 124 semester hours of coursework in order to earn a B.A. degree. Of those 124 hours, at least 42 must come from advanced courses at the 30000-level or higher. No more than 36 hours in one subject area can count toward the total. For example, political science majors taking 40 hours of coursework in their discipline will only have 36 of those hours count toward the total 124-hour requirement. To obtain their B.A., students must also select a minor. At least 18 hours of classwork must be completed to earn a minor in a supplementary field of study.

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Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Students working toward a B.S. degree must obtain at least 124 credits, but some majors have higher credit requirements. For example, the Department of Engineering sets its minimum requisite at 129 hours. More than 36 course hours from a single discipline can count toward the total university and degree credit requirements. Like students working toward other bachelor’s degrees, those trying to obtain a B.S. must also meet requirements that are unique to their major.

Grade Requirements

All undergraduate students at TCU have to maintain a C-average in their coursework. Some programs set eve higher GPA standards. Students who fall below the C-grade threshold at the end of a semester will receive an academic warning or probation. They may also be suspended from the school. No student can graduate with a GPA that is lower than 2.0.

Pass/No-Credit Options

Students receive a letter grade for most of their coursework at TCU. However, undergraduate students are allowed to take some courses as "pass/no-credit." Instead of a letter or number grade, the results of these classes are recorded as “pass” or “no-credit” on their student transcript. Students are only allowed to take two courses under the pass/no-credit framework, and all of their major coursework must be taken for a letter grade. A passing grade is defined as a C- or better.

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