A bachelor of applied science degree, or BASc, is an undergraduate degree that a student earns by focusing his studies on an applied science.

Reasons to Obtain the Degree

BASc programs are tailored toward the specific requirements of selected industries. Students entering these programs are seeking education and training required by their chosen industries but not provided by other undergraduate or graduate programs.


BAS or BASc programs build on previously completed work from an associate's degree or diploma program, a high school or a trade school. BASc programs require students to take a majority of their classes in an applied science such as industrial engineering, astrophysics, computer science, business informatics or forensics. Coursework consists of both educational classwork and hands-on projects, and fieldwork and can usually be completed within two or three years.

Perception of BASc Degree

A BASc degree is intended to provide students with career opportunities and advancement through professional certifications. In some countries, a bachelor of applied science degree is viewed as a professional degree.

Targeted Students

Colleges that offer a bachelor of applied science degree usually gear their programs toward non-traditional students and students who have graduated from a community college, a trade school or technical school. Recognizing that some students already have jobs and family responsibilities, some colleges offer online degree programs in a bachelor of applied science degree.

Advantages of Obtaining a BASc Degree

BASc degrees can usually be obtained in two years. These programs provide specialist knowledge and training other college or university programs do not offer. Additionally, the focus on projects and fieldwork enables students to feel confident that instead of entering an industry "from scratch," they are entering with an array of readily applicable skills and knowledge.

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