A master's degree in education varies in tuition cost, depending on the university you attend. The average tuition cost for public (state) schools is around $15,000 (less for residents), while the average cost at a private school is $35,000, and online schools average $18,000. (All figures are as of 2011.)


When calculating the cost of your education, bear in mind that you will be paying for more than just tuition. Books, living expenses and fees all add to the total cost of your education. Some schools provide an estimated cost for tuition and other expenses, while others only provide the cost of tuition. As each student's situation differs, you should calculate your own living expenses (housing, cost of living in the area, food, transportation, books, etc.), and add them to the tuition provided on the school's Web site. Online universities generally provide a cost that includes tuition and book expenses, since many of their materials are online.

Public Schools

For state residents, public schools are a great option for higher education. Many states, such as California, offer free tuition for residents for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. All states offer some sort of discount for residents; for instance, the University of Washington charges around $24,000 per year for nonresidents, whereas residents only have to pay around $10,000.

Private Schools

Private schools typically cost more than public schools, for both residents and nonresidents. The ranking of the school factors into how costly it is -- for example, top-ranking schools like Harvard Universityand Columbia University in the City of New York charge over $35,000.

Online Education

Online education is becoming more popular for people who are already working full-time or have busy schedules, yet still want to get a degree. Some well-known online universities include the University of Phoenix and Walden University.

Financial Aid

If you do not have the means to pay for your education, there are many financing options similar to those available to undergraduates. The government FAFSA grants students federal funding that can be used for graduate schools, and the school itself may also have a number of scholarship and fellowship options. These options are available for public, private and online schools.

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