Arizona State University is a public research university; the primary campus in Tempe. The school offers a broad range of liberal arts and career-oriented undergraduate degree programs. On its website, ASU outlines a number of specific requirements that prospective students must meet to prove competency in core educational areas. Additionally, all students must meet at least one of four general admission requirements related to high school class rank, GPA and ACT or SAT reasoning.

Core Areas

Applicants to Arizona State must demonstrate academic proficiency in multiple areas: English, math, lab science, social science, foreign language and fine arts, with a number of years spent studying each subject that culminate in a high school diploma. For example, you must have four years of high school English. Students may be admitted to ASU with one deficiency in up to two areas but cannot have deficiencies in both mathematics and science.


ASU has a number of grade-specific entrance requirements. First, you must have at least a 2.0 GPA in each individual core subject area required for admission. If you meet the grade requirement in a given competency, you don't have to meet the ACT or SAT test score requirement in that area. Also, a student who achieves a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in all core areas meets one of four general admission standards of the university; admitted students must meet at least one. Ranking in the top 25 percent of your high school class is also acceptable.


If your grades don't measure up in one or more competency areas, adequate standardized test scores can substitute. In English, for instance, a minimum 21 on the ACT English section or 530 on the SAT critical reading test counts. A 24 ACT math section or 540 SAT math section covers that subject. Sciences also have minimum test scores in chemistry, biology and physics that can serve as proof of competency, but minimums vary by specific science subject. Additionally, a 22 ACT or 1040 on SAT reasoning can meet the general admission requirement if you don't have a 3.0 or rank in the top 25 percent of your high school class.

Additional Information

The university does allow some exceptions to its standard admission requirements. For instance, an Arizona resident who transfers from a regionally accredited college can gain admission with a 2.0 college GPA; a nonresident must show a 2.5 college GPA. Students who have taken the Arizona General Education Curriculum during high school and earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA also don't have to meet any other competencies.

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