Can tabs are valuable as a scrap metal because they contain aluminum. Charities commonly encourage people to collect and donate their can tabs for sale to scrap yards. Recycling cans also benefits the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Many myths state that the tab of the can is more valuable than the rest of the can, or that it contains more aluminum. According Alcoa, one of the world's leading aluminum producers, the tab and the rest of the can are made of similar material and are similarly valuable as scrap metal.


According to MetalPrices, the value of aluminum generally hovers somewhere just above $1 per pound, as of 2010. This price is subject to constant change but is easy to check if you want to make sure that you get a fair price for your scrap aluminum.


You can sell aluminum cans at almost any scrap-metal yard. If more than one scrap yard operates in your area, call ahead to compare prices because the yards set their own prices for scrap cans.

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