The Praxis II exam is a test that student teachers take before graduating. Many schools require the Praxis II for all students who hope to graduate with an education degree. Although many schools require it, not all do as some use other types of tests or create their own. If it is required and you don't pass it, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to get your degree, or you won't be able to teach. There are several alternatives to passing the Praxis II that you might want to consider as you end your college career.

Other Schools

Check out other schools that offer the same educational degree as your school and look at their graduation requirements. Not all require the Praxis II to graduate; so if you can transfer to a school that doesn't have that as a requirement, you'll be able to graduate without it. Keep in mind that transferring schools may mean you have to retake some courses or remain in school longer.

Alternative Coursework

Ask your adviser for an alternative test to the Praxis II. The Praxis II deals with the curriculum you'll be teaching; so if for some reason you can't pass it, your adviser or program might have an alternative, such as a curriculum test. You may also be able to take additional courses instead of taking the exam. Depending on your school, these courses would either be general education classes or specific to your degree program.

Different Major

Change your major to a different type of education degree as an alternative to the Praxis II exam. Some schools only require the exam as a part of one particular degree path; so if you change to a different major, you may not be required to pass the test.

Teacher Programs

Find another way to be a teacher instead of getting a degree that requires you to take the Praxis II. Some programs, such as Teach For America and AmeriCorps, as well as private- and church-sponsored programs, pay teachers that have not been educated in the traditional manner to teach in areas all over the United States or abroad. These programs do not require you to pass the Praxis II but still offer you the chance to become a teacher.

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