Of the many colleges to which students can choose to apply, Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas is a great option. Sam Houston State University is a rather large institution and is one of the oldest public universities in the state of Texas.

If you're interested in applying to Sam Houston State University, there are several things you should know about the admissions process in order to ensure you have the best chance of getting admitted.

College Facts and Stats about Sam Houston State University

About Sam Houston State University

SHSU is one of the oldest public universities in the state of Texas, having been built more than 130 years ago. It's an excellent choice for students who are residents of Texas because state schools like these are generally more affordable than private universities. It's also a good option for those who want to be in a small town, as Huntsville is much less overwhelming when compared to the bigger college towns in Texas. SHSU offers over 170 fields of study, providing numerous options for students.

Sam Houston State University is a high-ranking university in terms of education and growth. Some notable achievements of the school are that it is the seventh ranking college in the nation for African-American graduation rates, and it ranks first place in Texas for job placement for graduates after the first 12 months of graduation. These are just some of the factors that make SHSU a desirable university. To learn more about its success stories, visit the Katfacts page on the SHSU website.

How Many People Go to Sam Houston

Sam Houston State University has over 20,000 students total at the graduate, professional and baccalaureate level. It is the 12th largest university in the state of Texas, which is known for having some of the biggest schools in the entire United States. In the fall 2017 semester, there were 21,115 students enrolled.

Many might think that because the school has so many positive qualities, getting in might be difficult. However, compared to other schools, SHSU is said to be a lightly competitive school when it comes to admissions. The admissions rate is 74.5 percent, which is quite high. That being said, it's important to take a closer look at admissions requirements before applying to Sam Houston State University.

Sam Houston State University Requirements

If you think that SHSU is the school for you, then you will need to make yourself aware of the school's application requirements. Even though the school has a rather high acceptance rate, it is less flexible on certain requirements than it is on others. For instance, what it takes to get into SHSU includes:

  • Average GPA requirement of 3.3
  • Average SAT score requirement of 1070
  • Average ACT score requirement of 21

If you don't quite meet these requirements, remember that most colleges also look at your character and your experiences throughout high school when considering your application. Therefore, even though admissions will see your transcripts and test scores, don't worry if not all of your credentials are up to the average. There's still a chance you can get in.

What SAT Score Is Required for Sam Houston?

Though the average SAT score for Sam Houston applicants is 1070 on a 1600 scale, there is no formal requirement. This is also because SHSU requires either an SAT or ACT score, not both. Yet, a score of 1070 is still considered a competitive score overall.

If you're concerned about whether or not your SAT score is good enough in the eyes of admissions, you might be relieved to learn that SHSU has a "score choice policy." This means that you can take the SAT as many times as you want and send them the score with which you feel most comfortable without admissions seeing your other scores.

Applying to Sam Houston State University

Once you've decided that Sam Houston State University is one of the schools to which you want to apply, and you've determined that you meet the school's application requirements, it's time to start filling out your application.

Filling out the application is not difficult as long as you follow the steps, which are posted on the SHSU freshman admissions page. Keep in mind that these steps apply to incoming freshmen, and those applying as transfer students or graduate students will have a somewhat different application process.

The first step is to complete the application form, which can be done at the ApplyTexas.org website. Upon completing your application, you will also need to pay the application fee. The fee is $45 and can be paid by mailing a check or with a credit card or debit card. If paying this fee is difficult for you financially, you can apply for a fee waiver if you meet the requirements.

Submitting Transcripts and Test Scores

You will be required to submit your transcripts to the SHSU admissions office. To do this, you will need to go to your high school and have them mail or electronically send official transcripts to SHSU.

You will also need to submit your test scores to SHSU. Remember that due to the score choice policy, you only need to send the scores that you feel make you stand out best as an applicant. You can either have your scores directly sent to the school after completing the test (according to CollegeBoard, you are allowed to send four free score reports), or if you want to wait and see what your score is, you can pay to send your score from CollegeBoard thereafter.

Sam Houston Application Deadline

If you're considering applying to Sam Houston State University, then it's important to pay attention to application deadlines. If you are an incoming freshman applying for the fall semester, then you have until August 1 to complete your application. Although this might be considered a very lenient application deadline, it's still a good idea to apply as early as possible to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Cost of Attending Sam Houston

Not only does Sam Houston State University offer so much to prospective students, but it's also not very expensive, especially when compared to other colleges in Texas and around the country. How much you will need to pay for your tuition depends on whether you are a resident of Texas or you're coming from out of state.

For full-time undergraduate students who are residents of Texas, the tuition is $4,148 per semester. For out-of-state residents, the tuition is $9,128 per semester. Graduate students will pay a little more. For full details about tuition and other costs, you can visit the SHSU website.

Why Apply to Sam Houston

According to Sam Houston State University's Katfacts, Sam Houston State University is considered a Doctoral Research University, ranking in the top 7 percent in the country for this category.

However, even if you don't go into the research field, this college offers an array of different programs with small class sizes to fit your individual learning needs. They've consistently earned recognition for various accomplishments on and off campus, and the school has something for everyone, whether you're into sports, academics, clubs or a little bit of everything.

Applying to Sam Houston State University is definitely worth it. It's a good place to start your higher-education journey, as the school has many graduate programs and online programs that can fit your schedule as you make your way through school. Best of all, the admissions requirements are not too competitive when compared to other schools.

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