A master's degree is an educational accomplishment by students who have shown they have a higher level of understanding of a particular subject. A master's degree is obtained in graduate school, which is a higher level of education than undergraduate college. If you're writing a paper or article that refers to someone with a master's degree in a particular field, the term is often abbreviated in one of a few ways.

Understand that you'll be abbreviating a full degree, and not just "master's degree." When you're referring to someone with a degree in a particular area (such as a Master of Business Administration), you'll abbreviate the entire phrase as "MBA," not just "master's degree."

Use periods when applicable. Certain style guides may require you to abbreviate a degree with periods ("M.B.A.") or without periods ("MBA"). Pay attention to the style (AP, Chicago, etc.) you are required to write, and use periods when necessary. Both ways are technically acceptable in the United States.

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Understand how to abbreviate "Master of Arts" degrees. While Step 1 will accurately abbreviate the majority of applicable degrees, Master of Arts degrees can be shorted correctly in one of two ways. For example, a "Master of Arts in Education" can be abbreviated as either "ME" or "MAE."

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