You had a great fall semester and are home for winter break. After the first few days, you are lulled into a schedule of nothingness. The college winter break dates looked great at first, but now you are looking forward to your spring semester.

Don’t let your winter break go to waste. Maintain a schedule and fill it with productive, fun and restorative activities. If you use your time wisely, you will return to college with a refreshed attitude and renewed energy. You might also have a few things that you can add to your resume or cross off your to do list.

Check out these fun and productive ideas for college winter break 2018.

1. Get a Job to Make Some Extra Money

If you were lucky enough to have a campus job, you're probably wondering what a month off of work will do to your pocketbook. Dive in and take on a job during winter break. Retail businesses are in need of seasonal workers during the holidays, so it’s a great time to pick up some extra hours and spending money. If you worked in your hometown in high school, you might even be able to return to your old job to help out during college winter break 2018.

2. January Term Experience

How long is your college winter break? If your college offers January Term, take advantage of the opportunity to focus on one class and earn some extra academic credits. Even if your college doesn’t have JanTerm, you may be able to pick up a class online or at another college and transfer in the credits. You can get ahead on college credits or make up a class that didn’t go well during the fall semester.

3. Study Ahead and Be Prepared

You may be yearning for a break from studying, but consider using your college winter break 2018 to get ahead on the required reading for spring semester classes. Imagine walking into your classes with all of your reading done for the first month of the semester. You will feel confident about the content and be ready to learn even more than your peers.

4. Study Abroad Experience

If your college winter break dates are long enough, you might be able to squeeze in a study abroad option. Studying abroad will offer you a global understanding and be an attractive addition to your resume. A month-long study abroad experience is an affordable option and a productive and fun way to use up your time off.

5. Spend Time with Family and Friends

Don’t forget to use your college winter break 2018 to reconnect with family and friends. It's important to spend time with people who are near and dear to your heart. College sparks deep growth and development, so use your time to tell your friends and family about how you’ve changed and the exciting moments of the fall semester.

6. Relax, Rejuvenate and Reenergize

Don’t underestimate the power of using your college winter break 2018 to unwind and recharge. Enjoy the opportunity to sleep in, but create a schedule that includes exercise and relaxation. You had a busy semester and your body deserves a chance to be pampered. If you take time to care for yourself, you will be reenergized and ready to tackle the spring semester.

7. Serve as an Intern

Consider using your college winter break dates for an internship in your discipline. Gaining practical experience is an important stepping stone to future employment once you graduate. It can be hard to fit in an internship during the academic year. Winter break is a great time to work as an intern. You might even be able to get college credit for the experience.

8. Prepare for Your Future

College winter break 2018 is an ideal time to get some things done that will help pave the way for your future. Use your time to write or update your resume. If you’re a senior, you can even start applying for jobs or meet with prospective employers. Summer is right around the corner, so consider looking for summer employment or internships during your winter break.

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