Managing your time when you're a college student can be difficult. Between trying to balance academics, a social life, time to eat, sleep and perhaps having a job, you may feel as though there's not enough time in a day. Therefore, college students need to find ways to help keep track of it all, without missing an appointment, a class, a study session or a date with a friend. Thankfully, there are many time management apps for students out there to help you keep your time organized.

1. MindNode

Writing a paper in college will eventually become like second nature to you. But, if you're new to college, or if writing has always been a tad difficult for you, then it can take up a lot of your time. For some students, just coming up with the right ideas to help organize your paper, can take hours. However, MindNode, an app that helps you create mind maps, will definitely help you save a lot of time when writing your next paper. Create your mind map on MindNode, and use that visual when it comes time to write your paper.

2. GroupMe

Do you have a group project assigned and you need to be able to easily communicate with all the members of your group? Perhaps you are actively involved in a club on campus, and you want to be in the loop for when the next meeting is. Or, you and a group of your closest friends want to find a day that you are all free to get lunch together. GroupMe is a great app that helps you create a group chat where you can exchange photos, add links, upload files and ultimately, save a lot of time connecting with others.

3. Studious

Even if you're not a freshman, it's easy to get lost on campus from time to time, especially if you go to a big school. If you waste too much time trying to find where your class is located or where you're meeting up for that project, well, you could be using that time for other things. Studious is one of the best time management apps that provides access to maps of most college campuses in order to help you find your way. You can also do other time-saving things on the app, like upload your class schedules and syllabi to share with friends, as well as managing your assignments for your classes.

4. Brainscape

Finding strategies to help you study more efficiently will not only help you achieve better grades but manage your time better overall. In college, there may be many instances where you have several big tests coming up at once. Brainscape is a very useful app where you can create digital flashcards to help you study for a test. You can also connect with other classmates who have the app, so you can study together.

5. Forest

Forest is an amazing time-saving app for college students that actually provides a visual for the amount of time you were able to focus on a specific task. In an age in which our phones can distract us from almost anything, Forest is there to help you learn how to manage time for studies. Open the app during class time, a study session or a date with friends. For all the time you save staying focused on a task and not playing with your phone, you will plant a seed that will grow into a tree or plant. With the pro version, you can actually help plant real trees by staying focused, as this is an environmentally-conscious company.

6. Scanner Pro

It can take a lot of time out of your day if you need to photocopy something or upload a paper document to your computer. Most college students don't have scanners in their room, and even though there are scanners at the library, you'd likely have to wait for your turn to use one. This can take more time. But, with the Scanner Pro app, you can have a scanner right on your device. Just snap a photo, and it will be there! This is also a good idea if you want to have digital copies of your handwritten notes and upload them to other time management apps for college students, like Evernote.

7. Todoist

One of the most effective time management strategies is to create a to-do list. To do lists have been around forever, but now they have been translated to digital devices with apps like Todoist. This is by far one of the best study planner apps, which allows you to create your personal to-do list. Beneath each task, you can create sub-tasks, so that you never miss a beat or waste unnecessary time. Lastly, you can share your to-do lists with other classmates and friends, so you can be on the same page for both academics and your social life. You can also access your to-do lists offline.

8. Alarmy

If you thought getting up for high school was hard, getting up for your college classes can be even more of a challenge. But, if you happen to sleep in and miss a class, you can get penalized. Not only that, if you spend all day sleeping when you're supposed to be studying, then you're not managing your time very well either. Alarmy helps you learn how to manage time wisely by forcing you to get up and get ready by giving you certain tasks to complete – that you must be very alert for – in order to shut off the alarm.

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