From its humble beginnings as a language only spoken by peasants after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D., English has gone on to become the international language of business, IT and aviation, according to the Reformed Fellowship University at Rice. No matter where you live in the world, if you want to advance beyond lower management, you have to speak English. The Oxford Dictionary confirms that the reason English has more words than any other language is because it incorporates words from other languages and then calls them its own.

Step 1

Outline your essay about the importance of English by drawing up a list of points you are going to address. Plan how you are going to incorporate them into your essay in a logical manner.

Step 2

Discuss the importance of the development of the English language and the influence of the various groups that invaded England: the Danes, Romans, Germans and French. Once people begin to see the rich history of the English language, they are more inclined to look on it favorably.

Step 3

Talk about how there is no going back. English is now firmly entrenched as the international language and has established its importance.

Step 4

Stress that to study in America, Canada, England, Australia or New Zealand, you have to be able to speak English. Having a degree from an English-speaking country gives people credibility.

Step 5

Remind people that no matter if you are a pilot in Dubai or an air traffic controller in Yangon, you have to be able to speak English because it is the language of the air. Challenge your readers to consider the importance of safety, and what it would be like if every country insisted on using the local language at airports.

Step 6

Project how the importance of learning English will become easier in the future. English is often taught in primary and secondary schools in other countries. Students who are learning it now will grow up to be parents who can teach their children the language from an early age.

Step 7

Write a draft of your essay about the importance of the English language and then leave it for a day or so. Come back to it with a fresh eye and edit your work for spelling mistakes, grammar and tone.

Step 8

Ask a friend or family member with good editing skills to review your essay about the importance of English. Having a second reader often results in a better composition.

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