Acquiring proof of education information is essential prior to hiring an applicant for employment and for certain educational programs. Businesses may obtain the verification of a GED to validate a resume or application information. Third party requests must obtain the signature of the applicant in order to receive the transcript or proof of the diploma.

Obtain a letter of certification to prove that a GED has been received. Information such as name, date of birth, social security number and signature of the person in question is needed to make the request.

Locate the state's GED administrator where the GED test was taken and the approximate date and year. The website will inform you of instructions and fees, if applicable. Contact or download the state's website form to simplify the process of verifying information prior to hiring an applicant for a job. Complete the form and submit the fee to receive the verification (see Resources below).

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Use a service that provides employment screening for businesses. The service will also provide to you the convenience of an electronic report delivery of the information found (see Resources below).

Hiring prospective employees, enrollment in education facilities or department of corrections, may require the need to verify the education information received.


  • Provide a copy of the GED certificate or transcript when applying for a job.

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