Dyslexia can be treated with a lot of time and effort put into correcting the problem. This is a disorder that has been called mirror reading where the person tends to read backwards or sees some letters turned around. It is treated best when it is caught at a young age. When Dyslexia is diagnosed and the person is still in school then it is required that the school develops an IEP which is an individual education program that will help treat Dyslexia.

Teach phonics. This is a program that shows how letters are linked to sounds in order to form words. This will help the dyslexic individual that has a particularly hard time in reading aloud and spelling.

Instruct the person with Dyslexia with a guided oral reading session. The person with the disorder will read aloud and be guided with corrections. Repetition is very important for the person to correct their mistakes. Continue to repeat the readings until they continue to get them right. Explain what was wrong and help them pronounce the words correctly.

Determine the child's weakness. For instance, if reading is their weakness then focus on more reading sessions with them. If writing is their weakness then stress more emphasis on helping with writing. By figuring out which one they are affected by the most will determine where they need treatment the most.

Get a tutor. If you don't feel as though the school is enough for the child then you can hire a tutor to help him/her to improve on their reading or writing skills at home or at another meeting place.

Make everything as visual as possible. A dyslexic person tends to rely mostly on what they see despite that how they see things is the problem. The object is to treat their visual handicap by going over and over what their not seeing correctly such as reading or writing.

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