A doctorate in management can be taken by postgraduates who want to specialize in a chosen business area. The topics for a doctoral program are numerous because of changes in technology and global management. Universities provide a range of topics to study, some of which are listed below.

Accounting and Management

The doctoral program in accounting and management focuses on understanding how to manage accounting information. It looks at understanding the profitability of areas of a business, such as distribution, business units and suppliers. Accounting research and economical theories provide a basis for further exploration of the subject. Quantitative and statistical research is the focus of this topic. The time limit to complete a doctoral in accounting and management is five years.

Information Management

The doctorate in information management is suited to postgraduates who want to teach and do research in the management of information. The program focuses on the theory that information systems exist within the context of specific organizations. Course requirements can include seminars in information management and organizational behavior. Postgraduates with a master of science in information systems are well-suited to this doctoral program.

Management and Organization

A common concentration for students pursuing a doctorate in management is management and organization. It is the study of organizations and their members through psychological, sociological and economical perspectives. Research is qualitative and quantitative. Research is based on the behavior of organizations and individuals so that theories can be established about these behaviors. Research projects are undertaken throughout the program.


The subject of marketing for a doctoral degree in management deals with the need to satisfy customers’ needs and demands. The program focuses on the problems that organizations face trying to provide products and services. Disciplines for the program include behavioral science, operations research, statistics and economics. Students have to attend workshops and seminars and apply theoretical research to individual projects.

Operations Management

A Ph.D. in operations management is a broad topic that covers a range of disciplines. The program is better suited to postgraduates who want to pursue an academic career path. Research areas for the program include inventory management, dynamic pricing, logistics, manufacturing and supply-chain strategy and product development. Topics within operations management include exploring models for nonprofit organizations.

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