Businesses and organizations are always fighting to increase brand awareness and revenue. Marketers play essential roles in this process through sectors that include government, corporate, educational, healthcare, non profit and small business arenas. By enrolling into one of the top marketing MBA programs, you can receive an exceptional education while making your resume marketable. According to "U.S. News World and Report," there are four top programs worth your consideration.

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management

The marketing department at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management offers marketing and marketing management, two top-ranking MBA programs. The MBA in marketing provides students with an education in tools, concepts and modern marketing practices. Someone pursuing this MBA might plan to work within the fields of management consulting or investment banking. The MBA in marketing management teaches the same concepts as the latter degree but demands a greater understanding of the tools and concepts. This MBA program prepares students to enter employment in a position where marketing plays a central role, like advertising and consumer goods.

University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School

Ranked second, Wharton's marketing department offers two MBAs: one in marketing management and another in marketing and operations management. The marketing management major teaches the art and science of determining which clients to do business with and how to collect, serve and retain them through exceptional customer service. Students become fluent in the latest techniques and concepts for understanding client behavior while mapping successful marketing strategies. The MBA in marketing and operations management is an interdisciplinary program that teaches the skills needed to oversee service firms and manufacturing. Wharton's website explains that a typical job for someone with this MBA would include a brand manager who must coordinate manufacturing and marketing for a single product.

Stanford University

Stanford's Graduate School of Business offers the top third MBA in Marketing Management to teach theories and practices that take place during the exchange between a company and its clients while maintaining business in a competitive marketplace. The strongest asset the school promotes is its internationally-known faculty of industry experts. Students who pursue the marketing MBA will benefit from the richness and depth of the faculty and possibly have the opportunity to form professional networks upon graduating.

Duke University

Ranked number four by "U.S. News World and Report" is the MBA in marketing from Duke University. Duke offers three flexible MBAs in marketing that consist of cross continent, global and weekend programs. Each of these allows a student to take all necessary elective classes before completing the concentration. The weekend and cross continental MBAs have customized options for finishing the marketing concentration at no extra charge, while the global program poses an additional $2000 per course at the time of publication as well as any incurred expenses.

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