Many students who want to enter the medical field enroll in the top universities in order to get the education that they need. Top nursing schools provide quality education that will help students gain knowledge and have the hands-on experience that they need to get fulfilling jobs in the future. There are some well-known schools in Canada when it comes to nursing.

University of Victoria

University of Victoria offers nursing programs in the Faculty of Human and Social Development division. The Nursing School works together with the Collaboration for Academic Education in Nursing or the CAEN to ensure that the curriculum of the university meets nursing standards. Nursing courses available at the school include Professional Growth, Family Nursing, Professional Practice, Health, Healing, Community Health Nursing, and many more. University of Victoria also offers distance-learning education to students from abroad and to those who are not able to take classes on campus.

University of Victoria 3800 Finnerty Road Victoria BC V8P 5C2 250-721-7211

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia opened in 1908 and currently has about 50,000 students. The university has a School of Nursing where students get to study with an international-standard curriculum. They also learn from award-winning instructors. University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing opened in 1919 and was the first nursing school in Canada. Some of the programs that they offer include a bachelor of science degree in nursing, post RN-BSN, Ph.D. program, MSN program and the MN-NP program.

University of British Columbia 2329 West Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 604-822-2211

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Ryerson University

Ryerson University focuses on career-focused education and has 28,000 students. The university houses the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, which offers nursing programs such as the Collaborative Nursing degree program, postdiploma, master of nursing and nurse practitioner. They also offer continuing education for nurses and bridging programs. The university has an organization for nurses—Ryerson Nursing Students’ Society. Two-year and four-year programs are available. Nursing students are able to learn from their peers and instructors, as the school is diverse. There are students and instructors with experiences in the nursing field and some already have occupational experience.

Ryerson University 350 Victoria Street Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3 416-979-5000

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