As the official language of countries all around the world from Australia to Ireland, English truly is an international language. Speaking simple English refers to a basic knowledge and ability to speak and understand rudimentary English words and phrases. Simple English can help you get around English-speaking countries if you're traveling and act as an appropriate springboard for understanding the language if you're a beginning student.

Listen to greetings in English. Repeat them out loud. Look at how they are written in your phrasebook. Listen and repeat these greetings daily.

Listen to basic words and phrases such as "please," "thank you," "you're welcome," "please speak more slowly," "please write that down", "no problem," "don't worry about it," "I don't know," "I understand" and "I don't understand," as well as variations of these phrases. Repeat each phrase out loud after each time you listen to it. These basic phrases can get you very far if you need to make basic conversation with native English speakers.

Learn to introduce yourself and ask people for their names. Repeat after each phrase as you hear it. Listen and repeat these phrases daily until they are second nature.

Learn the basic format of the English language sentence structure, which is subject + verb. Learn varieties of this structure such as subject + verb + object and subject + verb + indirect object + object.

Listen to basic phrases that use these structures. For example, useful phrases are "Today is Wednesday" or "It is cold" or "She gave him the money."

Listen to basic question forms in English and practice saying them out loud. Useful questions of simple English involve asking things like "What time is it?" or "Where is the train station?" or "How much does it cost?" Listen and repeat these questions until you can remember them effortlessly.

Listen to phrases related to emergency situations and repeat them. Phrases such as "thief!" or "help!" or "call the police!" might come in handy and are useful to know. Listen and repeat these phrases until you know them by heart.

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