Sales workers in the trucking industry, commonly referred to as freight brokers or truck brokers, call on shippers who needs to transport goods to get a load, and call carriers to carry the load for a fee negotiated by the broker. Serving as the middleman, the truck broker processes all necessary paperwork and payments. Truck brokers receive compensation in the form of a commission. A truck broker must work under a licensed truck broker agent or must himself become licensed as a Broker's Authority. Although a formal post-secondary education is not required, completion of a program of study in freight brokerage from a truck brokering school can assist those desiring a career as a truck broker.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions, LLC

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions, LLC offers a basic freight broker training and an advanced freight broker training program. The basic training course is a five-day program which includes lectures, videos and hand-on experience. At the end of the five-day basic course, students are equipped to operate as a truck broker. Students desiring may continue their truck broker education by competing the four-day advanced program in which students continue advanced coursework in prospecting, dispatching, claims management, freight bill audits, collections and accounts payables and account receivables.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions, LLC

401 North Carroll

Suite 195

South Lake, TX 76092


Transport Training International

Transport Training International offers an online program in truck brokering. Course work includes overview of the industry, the role of the truck broker, finding and contacting shippers, calculating freight, negotiating with the shipper, software for the truck broker, setting up a truck broker business, getting a broker’s “license”, finding and contacting carriers, negotiating with carrier, dispatching and tracking of carriers, step-by-step procedure for moving a load, paperwork, factoring, billing and payments.

Transport Training International

2931 Ridge Road - 116

Suite 101

Rowlett, TX 75032


Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc.

Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc. offers both a telephone and online training for trucking brokers. The truck broker program is divided into five learning sessions. In session one, students learn how to organize their business and to obtain a Broker's Authority. Session two delves into the tools of the trade for truck brokers. In session three, students explore how to find and work with shippers. Session four focuses on working with carriers. In session five, students study the financial, business and legal issues of truck brokerage.

Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc.

7101 N. Mesa St, #219

El Paso, TX 79912


Gatlin Learning Center

Gatlin Learning Center offers an online freight brokerage training course. Students work at home and at their own pace but are given six months to complete the program. Tuition covers all materials. Graduates receive a certificate of completion. Coursework includes an overview of the job and industry; broker laws and requirements by the FMSCA; startup and marketing of a truck brokerage business; terminology; prospecting for shippers; determining competitive rates; building the load; finding and the carrier; dispatching the load; carrier, shipper and consignee relations; insurance claims; and broker resources.

Gatlin Learning Center

109 East 3rd Street

Suite 350

Fort Worth, TX 76102


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