Various U.S. colleges and universities offer a Master of Arts degree in science education. Students interested in pursuing careers as as high school educators, elementary school teachers, college faculty and science education specialists or researchers should consider earning a master's degree in science education. The demand for qualified science teachers is high. The National Council on Teacher Quality reports many states are experiencing a critical shortage of experienced and effective science teachers. Aspiring educators desiring to make a positive impact on students by enhancing their knowledge of science should seek a graduate degree program appropriate for their career goals and aspirations.

Northwestern University

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University offers concentrations in elementary teaching, secondary teaching, and teacher leadership. Students focus on coursework related to social contexts of education, new approaches in science teaching and leading teacher teams. All students enrolled in the Master of Science in education degree program at Northwestern University are required to complete a master's project. The project consists of original research highlighting topics associated with teaching and learning.

Columbia University

The master's degree at Columbia University's Teacher College prepares students to assume leadership positions in science education as teachers and supervisors. The 62 credit hour program involves coursework focusing on curriculum and pedagogy in science, nature and practices of science, broad and basic foundations of education and introduction to qualitative research in science. Columbia University degree candidates must complete a summative master's project before graduation. The 24 to 30 page research project should place significant emphasis on a topic connected to science education.

East Carolina University

The Master of Arts in science education degree at East Carolina University is intended for classroom teachers interested in enhancing their instructional techniques and knowledge in regards to science education. Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in science education degree program at East Carolina University requires students to complete 36 credit hours of coursework. Coursework involves such subject matter as recent developments in science teaching, astronomy methods for teachers, environmental education, and experimental evaluation in science. The degree program is offered entirely online.

Western Michigan University

The 30 credit hour Master of Arts in science education degree program at Western Michigan University is offered online exclusively. Science education graduate students at Western Michigan also have the option of attending classes on campus. Graduate courses concentrate on areas such as problems in science education, science for elementary teachers, topics in science education and science education: research traditions. The graduate degree program at Western Michigan University prepares students for doctoral study in science education. The institution provides students with the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in science education.

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