School bus drivers have an incredibly difficult job. They have to drive huge vehicles, keep a bunch of unruly kids in line and follow safety precautions to make sure everyone arrives to school and back home again safely. During School Bus Driver Appreciation Day or Week, show them your support with some simple expressions of thanks and appreciation.

Public Announcements and Activities

During School Bus Driver Appreciation Day/Week (whichever is held in your town), a school can show appreciation for its drivers by posting announcements. For example, school district leaders can publish announcements in the local paper or on a public-access television channel, thanking bus drivers and listing their names and years of service. School principals can write letters of thanks to all of the bus drivers and publish them on their schools' websites. Additionally announcements about School Bus Driver Appreciation Day/Week should be made to parents and students in advance of its observance so that they can prepare their own ways of thanking bus drivers for all that they do.

Gifts from the School

It is traditional and customary for school leaders or teachers to give gifts to bus drivers during this time of appreciation. One gift idea is something that shows the drivers' dedication to service in all kinds of weather, such as an umbrella or poncho with the school's mascot and name printed on it. Gift cards to a local restaurant or shopping mall let the bus drivers treat themselves to a nice meal or gift for themselves. If a school budget doesn't permit a lot of money for gifts, an inexpensive token of appreciation is a Kudos granola bar and certificate of appreciation for each bus driver.

Gifts from Students/Parents

Students and parents should be grateful to school bus drivers. They provide the necessary means for their kids to get to school and keep the children safe. A simple gift of thanks from parents to their child's bus driver is always appreciated. A young child can draw a picture for his bus driver, and Mom or Dad help him write a nice note on the back. An older child might make something like a piece of jewelry or a keychain, using a craft kit.

You can put together a sweet-treat goodie bag for a bus driver with a simple lunch bag and a collection of candy. Give Extra gum for going the extra mile, a 100 Grand bar as an appreciation bonus, Starlight mints because she is a shining star and Smarties candies for being so smart about road safety. Add a simple note of thanks, and your bus driver will enjoy her goodies.

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