The U.S. Army uses the Assessment of Individual Motivations test on prospective recruits who attended home school or earned a GED in lieu of a high school diploma. The test assesses an individual’s work-related temperament and personal motivations. Because the AIM test examines your personal beliefs, opinions and motivations, there's no need to study for it. However, scoring positively in certain areas can help your chances of earning a “go,” or passing score.

Demonstrate Self-Motivation and Leadership

The Army seeks recruits who want a challenge and set high standards. Your answers should reflect your attitude toward achieving high standards and striving for excellence when completing work-related tasks. The Army also evaluates your skills as a leader. The questions on the AIM test evaluate your tendency to seek leadership positions and roles. Leadership-related questions also ask about your self-confidence and your level of comfort when you have to direct others.

Have a Good Attitude and Demonstrate Dependability

Part of the AIM test evaluates your outlook on life. An individual who receives a high score in this area has a positive effect on others, doesn’t have excessive worries or fears and feels as if she is in control of her life. To receive a good score, select the answers that communicate how you maintain self-control and a positive attitude when facing a stressful situation. Having a good attitude also means getting along well with others. The Army doesn’t necessarily seek those who are popular. Instead, they seek individuals who work well with others, don’t pick fights, are kind and don’t have emotional outbursts in response to negative feelings. The Army looks for dependable individuals because they're more likely to stay out of trouble or break the law. If you're dependable, your AIM answers reflect that you obey and respect authority figures, rules and regulations.

Enjoy Physical Activities

Boot camp and training activities require rigorous physical exertion. If you receive a high score in the physical conditioning area of the AIM test, you are an individual who enjoys physical activities that are demanding. You enjoy doing work that’s physically tough and regularly seek out ways to keep your muscles conditioned, like with exercise or sports.

Be Honest

The questions on the AIM test ask you to examine your past behaviors in situations that you have experienced. Answer all the questions on the AIM test honestly even if you think that a different answer may make you look better or earn a higher score. The Army shares that it designed the AIM test using a “forced-choice format” that makes it more difficult to provide answers that aren’t true. The test’s design can also reveal if you don’t answer the questions honestly. Keep in mind that your AIM score alone doesn’t determine your acceptance into the Army.

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